My Pinup Girls 1 – Edwige Belmore

[Having fun looking back at some of the ladies that for me epitomize beauty and power.  My Pinup Girls series will feature women that I obsessed about and still can’t get enough of…]

Edwige Belmore…

model, actress, cult fashion icon of the 1970s and 80s, singer of the duo Mathématiques Modernes.  A French bon vivant  who moved to NYC in the late  1970s.  Edwige’s cult status was established when she hooked up with Andy Warhol for the cover of Facade, a French underground magazine inspired by Warhol’s Interview magazine.  Edwige made the punk look chic, unfortunately she was also a junkie.  To learn more, read Jessica Gysel interview with Edwige in the magazine Girls Like Us which appeared in the Fall 2007 issue.  Wanna see more pics, go to The Fashion Spot.