My Pinup Girl 3 – Gloria Ríos

Gloria Ríos…

singer, dancer, actress, first wife of the great Resortes and most importantly, the first woman to sing rock and roll in Mexican cinema.  As a kid, my grandmother and I were transfixed by her beauty and her bravado.  She was the girl gone mad with rock and roll fever.  Always decked out in a stunning frock and looking like a rocked-out Rita Hayworth (another worthy Latina), Gloria made my grandmother nostalgic for her misspent youth.  My Abuela took the traditional route:  married her first boyfriend, had four kids, and lived hand-to-mouth in a tiny apartment, but she itched for something more.  She always wanted a different life for herself.  To her, Mexican movies from the 50s were as close as she ever got to her fantasies.

Gloria Ríos’ career never fully took off.  She never broke away from the rock and roll siren role that won her fame.

Gloria returned to her home town of San Antonio, TX.  She died there in 2002.  In 2007, the Instituto de México in a celebration of 50 years of Mexican rock devoted an exhibit to La Reyna de Rocanrol.

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