At The Colony – Day 5 and 6

Day 5: Read some of The Road, but took a day off from my novel. After dinner, instead of heading to the local bar on a Friday night, we decided to buy some wine at the local shop in town and bring it back to the house. Our conversation went from art and it’s relationship to culture to serial killers and the coincidence that most have names that are 13 letters long.

The Fields Sculpture Park at OMI International Arts Center

Day 6: I took a morning stroll down Poetry Walk, then headed to the main house for brunch. I wasn’t feeling the writing much. Answered a few emails for work, but limited this to an hour. I read a couple of short stories from The Art of the Story (edited by David Halpern). Around three, I ventured outside with two other residents. We drove about 20 minutes out to The Fields Sculpture Park at OMI International Arts Center. We spent about an hour and half there, then headed back to the house where one of the residents was making pizza for dinner. During the week, we have a chef prepare dinner for us. But, on the weekends we’re on our own.

After dinner, I made a small pot of coffee and went back to work on my chapter. I was close to the finish line, but I needed a push. During dinner one of the visual artists explained the Pomodoro Technique to us ( I was desperate to finish my chapter and progress to next challenge, so I decided to try a modified version of this technique. I set a timer for 25 minutes and wrote. After the time was up, I took a 5- minute break.  I did this about five times and finished the chapter. I even conceptualized the next concentric circle. I finished writing my chapter around 2AM.