At the Colony – Day 14 and 15

Day 14: Lasagna night turned out well. After dinner, I switched gears and tried to write a verse, but my head wasn’t in the game:

Dependence and submission,
syringes and meds,
biopsies and breathing tests.

The torture of healthy cells,
the loss of penance,
hunger and survival.

Words strung together. Ideas for dialogue. I don’t know, but I’ll post it here for posterity.

I kept thinking of home. I missed Joe so much. Finished rewriting the longest chapter in the first part of the novel. Onwards.

Four concentric circles. Four sections (out of 5) of part one completed.

Day 15: The day was productive. I finished four out of the five sections of the novel, and tacked the concentric circles around the door frame, a visual representation of what I’ve done and a reminder that I still had much work to do. I monitored Facebook throughout the afternoon, and communicated with friends in the Boston area. I watched a video of the bombing, then sat alone in my studio until 4AM. I thought, “Every New Yorker must be feeling this way.”