At the Colony – Day 23 and 24

Day 23: Two full days left at the Colony. I started to write a new chapter today. After one month at the Colony, I planned to spend one week getting adjusted to family and work, then resuming my writing schedule. I committed to write at least 350 words a day until I finished the novel.

I took a nice long walk after lunch, submitted stories to journals, and updated my CV and bio. Ho-hum.

Last night’s treat. Black cherry jello and banana lime surprise courtesy of a multi-talented artist at the Colony.

Day 24:  Continued work on the new chapter. Re-read “Cinnamon Skin” by Edmund White. A hilarious story about a thirteen-year-old boy on a family vacation in Mexico City with his dad and step-mom. The pacing of the story is wonderful. Humor, inappropriate behavior, confusion, touches of incest, an awkward striptease or two, and self-discovery all told with humor from the point of view of a gutsy, unhampered teenage boy.