Community No. 3 – Sept 2013


September’s Community is brimming with links to inspiring new works by some illustrious writers. Enjoy!


(In order of submission receipt date)/

Stephen Ramey 

The Planting
Cease, Cows
July 27, 2013

American Spirit Lights
The Doctor T. J. Eckleburg Review
February 11, 2013


Michelle Elvy 

Dinner Discourse: Six Writers Share a Meal
Awkword Paper Cuts


David S. Atkinson

Cents of Wonder Rhymes With Orange
Thrice Fiction, pp. 11-12, Issue No. 7
March 2013

They’re All Out To Get Me
Fat City Review
April 2013


Marcelle Heath

Notes on a Sentence
Draft: A Journal of Process
July 31, 2013


Mona R. Washington

Huffington Post
July 30, 2013

Rights and Realities
Huffington Post
July 19, 2013


Susan Tepper

A-Minor Magazine
November 7, 2011


Derek Osborne

Doctor Doctor
Pure Slush
July 31, 2013


Florencia Milito

Four Poems: Color Haiku, Villanelle for Henry Darger, On Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s forest graveyard, and Ode to Astoria
Entremares Magazine
April 2013


Kyle Hemmings

Gorilla Dreams
Burrow Press Review
August 20, 2013

Tumble Fish
Science Fantasy Magazine
March 24, 2013


Bill Yarrow

Three Poems: Tierra del Fuego, Machete, Holy Week
Chicago Literati
August 8, 2013

Liz @ Phil
The Montucky Review
August 5, 2013


Cynthia-Marie Marmo O’Brien

Author Interview
The Fine Delight, Book and Interview Series
August 2013

Big congrats to these talented folks on their publications!


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