Community No. 4 – October 2013

Diverse and intriguing voices are part of October’s Community – enjoy these offerings (I sure as heck did)!


(In order of submission receipt date)

Timothy Gager and Teisha Twomey

After Receiving a Picture of Dick Butkus via Text Message
March 13, 2013


Timothy Gager

No Sex Since Last Spring
In Between Altered States
September 1, 2012

A Circus Story
Right Hand Pointing


Kelly Clayton

Two Poems: Oya Dress for Saturday Night at Roque’s Blues Hall; Mom’s House , Dad’s House
The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature


Gloria Garfunkel

Great Expectations
Camroc Press Review
July 3, 2013


Fred Arroyo

Pulsar Watches
Watershed Review

Literacy  (No longer available)
The New Poet, Issue 5
May 2013


MaryAnne Kolton

Thrice Fiction, Issue No. 7
March 2013, pp. 39-41


Alex M. Pruteanu

Everything Rhymes with Orange
The Prague Revue: A Literary Journal of Cultural Review
August 26, 2013


David S. Atkinson

Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!
Wilderness House Literary Review
Vol. 8, No. 2

Happy Trails
Martian Lit
June 10, 2013


Stephen V. Ramey

Tomorrow I Will Skydive
Every Day Fiction

The Sea as a Sickness
Apocrypha and Abstractions
September 12, 2013


Bill Yarrow

The Transportation of Hens
Jewish Journal
July 17, 2013

Four Poems: The City Rises in Me; Tariff Happy; The Beautiful Mercedes; Resurrection Happens
September 18, 2013

Big congrats to all these writers and poets and thank you for the inspiration!