Community No. 5 – Nov 2013

Take a look at this month’s Lucky 13 –
Prose, poetry, plays, and award-winning writing, oh my!

((In order of submission receipt date)


Gloria Garfunkel

Tales of Resistance
Pure Slush, Theme: Ego
April 13, 2013

Pure Slush, Theme: Medicine
July 13, 2013


Steven Gowin

These Confidences (no longer available)


Gay Degani

Beyond the Curve
Wow! Women on Writing Quarterly
First Place Winner



Heather Dorn

The Time Traveler and Scared of the Dark
Facts About Neuroplasticity
May 31, 2013 and May 24,2013


Mona R. Washington

My Jesus Drinks Malbec and At the Delacorte
Huffington Post
September 27, 2013 and August 19, 2013


Joe Kapitan

Caves of the Rust Belt
September 24, 2013

Small Engine Repair
Belt Magazine


H. L. Nelson

The Sea Is Only Meat
September 2013, 8.9

Tops Like Arrows” and “Two Girls, One Bag
September 11, 2013


Paul Beckman

“Honey” and “Darling” (no longer available)
Yellow Mama


Susan Tepper

Pure Slush
February 27, 2013


CS DeWildt

Hell is a Dry Heat
A Midsummer Tale – Second Place
Toasted Cheese

Corbin’s Dream Take Flight
Literary Orphans


David S. Atkinson

Home Improvement
The Chamber Four Lit Mag
Issue 4


Susan Lewis

Three Prose Poems: “This Is Not a Movie,” “Run, He Said,” “In Which”
February 25, 2013

Two Poems: “Retro Suspect,” “Tear Down the Dotted Line”
Springgun, Issue 8


Stephen V. Ramey

“Doing Laundry With Aphrodite” and “Attraction”
Literary Orphans
Issue 09: The Originator (Bo Diddley)

Big congrats to all these creative folks!