Where I thank a bunch of talented people who made 2013 awesome…


A special thank you and virtual hug to the following amazing folks who made this a great writing year: Susan Tepper; Jenny Shank and Paula Younger; Josh Raab; Michelle Elvy and Jürgen Fauth; E.D. Watson; Anthony Blake; Mike Young and James Claffey; Laura Roberts; H.L. Nelson; Nathaniel Tower; Barry Basden; RW Spryszak and David Simmer, Matt Potter; Roberto Carlos Garcia; Meg Tuite; Jen Knox; Bud Smith; Robert Vaughan; CS DeWildt; my Millay Colony comrades: Kate Hers, Larry Krone, Sophia Lin, Alex Mar, Adam Keleman, Patrick Griffin Downes and Calliope Nicholas; my loving family and cherished friends; and, the love of my life, Joseph Lazauskas.

Salud, amor, y besos,