Community No. 7 – Feb 2014

Glorious List of Works for You and
Your Loved Ones to Share and Enjoy

_(In order of submission receipt date)

Barrett Warner

Motion Detector
Lines + Stars: A Journal of Poetry and Short Prose


Agnes Marton

Brian Flozzi
JMWW, Exquisite Duet

Five Poems: Shaman; Voilance; Speednapping; Beyond Winning, The Game; Wetamorphosis
Poems Underwater
July 2013


Gloria Garfunkel

Two Stories: For Rent; Borringer’s Theory
Used Gravitrons
December 2013, Issue 14


David S. Atkinson

Regarding My Term Paper About the Dani Tribe of Papua, New Guinea
Cease, Cows
December 20, 2013

There’s a rabbit living under my kitchen sink…
Paragraph Line
January 3, 2014


Gary V. Powell

Connotation Press: An Online Artifact
December 15, 2013

Milk Sugar
December 31, 2013


Paul Beckman

The Subterranean Quarterly
Fall 2013

I Have This Condition
Ink Sweat and Tears
December 2013


Susan Tepper

Rolex Club
Pure Slush
May 11, 2011


H. L. Nelson

A War With No Backbone
Menacing Hedge
January 2014

Are You Man or Aquatic Ectotherm?
Jersey Devil Press
January 2014: Issue 50


Bill Yarrow

Five poems: Manet Nightmare; Laundry List; Car Alarm; Dog-Eared Sparkplug; How Religion Got Its Start
Festival Writer
December 2013

Three poems: Inversions of Pound: Kicking Out the Enjambs; Anthrometamorphism
Guest edited by Alexander Cigale
November 6, 2013


Ndaba Sibanda

of tikoloshi and the translator
Elohi Gadugi Journal
February 7, 2013

Intoxicating Songs and Sights
The News Chronicle
November 8, 2013


Happy Valentine’s Day, Peeps!