Stories No. 1 – Michael Sedano

by Michael Sedano

Oh my god if there is a god how can there not be a god? There is a god! The green rolling hills in the distance sparkle with gold and yellow California poppies, the dog barks her joy at finding herself running in such a peaceful landscape. She stops to lick cool water bubbling into a deep pond. She answers the bre-ke-ke-kex-coax-coax of the frogs with a song of her own. A bird hops out of a thicket, pretending injury to lure away the dog. The dog laughs at the bird, snuffles her nose into the brush until the chirping of babies gives away their nest. In the distance a familiar voice calls her name, “perritaaaaa,” and the dog laughs and wheels about to chase toward the sound. She gallops at full speed up a gentle incline, her short legs a blur if anyone saw. Cresting the hill the dog finds her bowl brimming with left-overs. She fills her mouth. What a special treat, for once the beans aren’t the sour days-old podridos tasting of baking soda, but fresh frijoles, de la olla with large chunks of fatty meat and morsels of tortilla. “Perriiiiiitaaaa!” The dog looks up at the blue sky and the noisy birds. She squints into the sunlight shining behind the clouds not so high overhead now, the green ground down there, the birds up here circling, raucous noise of crows and gulls, below the speeding cars on the black asphalt freeway. The dog feels weightless, she is flying up in the air with the birds, flying flying through the air away from the rushing traffic, the honking horn the screeching tires the chrome bumper.


Retired from the world of work, Michael V. Sedano is a Veteran of the U.S. Army, a gardener, photographer, floricanto organizer, and most importantly, a grandfather. Sedano co-founded the world’s oldest Chicana/Chicano Latina/Latino literary website, La Bloga.

 June 11, 2014
Photo by: Gessy Alvarez

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