Stories No. 10 – Kayla Pongrac

Untied Shoes Town
by Kayla Pongrac

My shoestrings are double knotted. But these fools! These fools surrounding me are tripping all over each other, falling flat on their faces in a sickening choreography. Some of them are getting their teeth knocked out and I . . . I’m just looking around, wondering how I could get these freaks their own 1-800 number. I stare at my Chuck Taylor’s, admire how my shoestrings are pulled tight, and kneel to collect some teeth that I might be able to pawn on my way out of town.


Kayla Pongrac is an avid writer, reader, tea drinker, and vinyl record spinner. When she’s not writing creatively, she’s writing professionally—for two newspapers and a few magazines in her hometown of Johnstown, PA. To read more of Kayla’s work, visit or follow her on Twitter @KP_the_Promisee.

September 10, 2014
Photo by: Gessy Alvarez

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