2014 Editor’s Choice

We are pleased to announce our Editor’s Choice for 2014 is The Way It Feels To Be Let Go by Krystal Sierra (Stories No. 9 – Volume One, Issue 5, September 10, 2014).

Here’s what our Editor had to say about Krystal Sierra’s piece:

I chose this story because it’s fearless. The writer takes on an experience most of us know all too well. Though only 250 words, the story shifts in time and space with unflinching clarity. And then a brick hits you in the face:

I had this slow anxiety creeping up into my stomach all day. My fingers tingled. Something was amiss. I saw it in the way my coworkers avoided me, didn’t look at me, talked through me as if I wasn’t there. I was a ghost at my own funeral. I knew the signs only because I had done the avoiding too.

An uncomfortable moment of complicity – it’s here that the story screams: Don’t pity this character. Recognize her. She is you.

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Many congratulations to Krystal and to all the wonderful writers and poets who contributed to Volume One of Stories @ Digging Through the Fat!

Krystal Sierra is the editor-in-chief of Guide to Kulchur Creative Journal. Her work deals with the violence of being a woman and mother. She is working on a book length collection of essays for Vanguard Series (GTK Press) and lives in Lakewood, Ohio.