Poetry No. 1 – Jamila-Khanom Allidina

By Jamila-Khanom Allidina

  1. I wrote a poem
    about doorways once,
    about the in and out
    of things, the lines
    between. Now
    when I think of
    I think of you
    two together
    My poem
    was better.
  2. Thresholds are about
    the in and out
    of things, the lines
    between. Doorways
    and borders
    and other things.
    On the threshold of
    doing a thing, of
    coming or going
    of leaving
    or staying.
  3. We will cross at least
    one border together, there
    and back again.
    They will maybe
    stop me, maybe
    search me. They will maybe
    put a hand on my
    thigh, pat and
    pat again, quick like a
    gunshot. They will maybe
    ask about names and
    addresses. They will ask about
    fruit. Maybe
    there are things
    the ins and outs of which
    you will never
    quite understand.
  4. We have crossed
    a threshold. We
    have maybe
    not yet
    not to go



Jamila-Khanom Allidina lives in Toronto. She has published in Jaggery and The Puritan. She holds an MFA from Columbia University.

Photo by: Gessy Alvarez

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