Books to Love No. 1 – dear Petrov by Susan Tepper

Books to Love is a monthly column where we invite authors to introduce one of their books to our DIGGING readers. This month we invited Susan Tepper to chat about her new book, dear Petrov .

dear Petrov LARGER back cover



dear Petrov
by Susan Tepper
with illustrations by Irene Koronas
Pure Slush Books, February 2016
178 pages, $14.00


In 10 words or less, give us a hint of the plot?


dear Petrov concerns a woman’s examination of her life & times.


What words would you use to evoke images from your book?


A mountain, whisky, weaponry, sex, deprivations, a horse, lake, sage, bats, weeds, floorboards, battlefield, birches, blood, shadows.


What overall question or mystery will readers encounter?


Why do some people endure the insufferable and for how long can they endure?


What was the toughest battle fought in the making of this book?


The only battles fought are those written on these pages: my unnamed female narrator who is in constant conflict with her life choices, and the wars that rage in Russia, circa late 19th Century, in which her lover Petrov is a soldier. For me, the writer, there was only an outpouring of love and concern for my protagonist, and a deeply troubling concern for what drives the unrests that lead to endless wars throughout the world.


What have you triumphed or conquered with the making of this book?


I can’t honestly say I’ve triumphed or conquered anything with the writing of this book. It’s my belief that with each book, the author sets out to solve some internal troublesome riddle lurking in our gut. By writing the book, we have the opportunity to examine our inner thoughts and concerns, and also hopefully experience some joy in this undertaking. During each segment of ‘dear Petrov’ I came away from the writing feeling spent. But I also felt I was putting something good down on the pages, something perhaps lasting.


Tells us when, where, and how we can get our hands on your book.


dear Petrov will officially launch on February 2 . My publisher Matt Potter of Pure Slush Books will announce the book on Facebook and other social media. The Pure Slush website will also contain the BUY LINK. There is a designated dear Petrov page on Facebook that will have the BUY LINK, as well. I hope people will love the story as I have loved writing it.

Good luck, Susan!