Community No. 16

Thanks to Craig Fishbane, Paul Beckman, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Gary V. Powell, A. Joseph Black, David S. Atkinson, Gay Degani, Michael Díaz Feito, Gerard Sarnat, John Gorman, Ray Nessly for sharing their wonderful work. Congrats to all!

Craig Fishbane

The Apology

Gravel, December 12, 2016

Keep the Change

Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, September 2016

Paul Beckman


Fictive Dream, December 4, 2016


Blue Fifth Review, December 6, 2016


The Patient as Mobile Device

Flash Fiction Magazine, June 9, 2016

Gary V. Powell

The Geography of Desire

Jellyfish Review, January 7, 2017


Five2One Magazine, May 21, 2016

A. Joseph Black

She Hates The City

The Incubator Journal, page 84, December 2015

David S. Atkinson

Deliberately Missing Henry Kissinger

Connotation Press, May 15, 2016

No Way to Run a Railroad

Literary Orphans, April 20, 2016

Gay Degani


Every Day Fiction, July 26, 2011

Oranges (audio)

Every Day Fiction, April 22, 2013

Michael Díaz Feito

Dying in Miami in the Sun

Big Echo: Critical SF, August 3, 2015

Holy Many-Minds Home

The Future Fire, April 24, 2016

Gerard Sarnat

The New Patriarch

Clementine Poetry Journal, January 2015

67% Hopperized Bathos

Blue Lyra, March 31, 2016

John Gorman

El Mariachi

The Summerset Review, Spring 2013

Birthday Suit

Storychord, January 4, 2016

Ray Nessly

Ad Infinitum

Literary Orphans, December 2015