Community No. 17

Thanks to Karen Corday, Jeanne Wilkinson, Max DeVoe Talley, Victoria Griffin, Michael Backus, Ted Myers, and J.A. Pak for sharing their wonderful work. Congrats to all!

Karen Corday

Raised On Radio: Request and Dedication

The Toast, April 16, 2016

Anatomy of a Song: “Little Red Corvette”

Queen Mob’s Teahouse, August 1,2016

Jeanne Wilkinson

In the End Was the Word: a (Dis)missive from God

Columbia Journal, April 16, 2015

Max DeVoe Talley

There’s a Hole in the Sky

The Opiate #8, page 10, December 2016


Down In Chaotica

The Del Sol Review, #21

Victoria Griffin

Her Only Friends

NonBinary Review, April 26, 2016


Lucy’s Maze

Synaesthesia Magazine, October 8, 2015

Michael Backus

Santa Fe Cab

Exquisite Corpse, Spring/Summer 2002


Hoosier Hysteria

Prime Number/Press 53, January-March 2014

Ted Myers

Bardo Train to Canarsie

Literally Stories, Sept. 15, 2016


J.A. Pak


Gone Lawn, Winter 2016


Angel Stalker

Luna Luna, July 15, 2016