Community No. 24

In this Community, we proudly present works by Jon Jackson, Mitchell Toews, Bruce Robinson, Andrea Rogers, Lisa Beere, Alex Clermont, Amy Leigh Wicks, Dominic Bond, Janey Skinner, and Anita Haas.

Congrats to all!


Jon Jackson

Child Soldiers

Litro, June 2, 2016


Visual Verse, March 2017

Mitchell Toews

Nothing to Lose 

Fiction on the Web, July 8, 2016

Heavy Artillery 

Fiction on the Web, October 30, 2016


Bruce Robinson

Believe Me 

Mobius, the Journal of Social Change, December 2016

Four Poems: Rain Delay: ground rules; Their Romance; sitcom; dressing

Peacock Journal, December 2016

Andrea Rogers

How to Tell a Man You Love Him When You Don’t

The Adirondack Review, Spring 2016


Lisa Beere

Two Poems: Something Comes; The Hunter’s Tale

Ottawa Poetry Magazine, October 10, 2016

Alex Clermont 

Hungry Ghosts of Park Avenue

Black Elephant, April 2016

Dark Places

Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, September 2013

Amy Leigh Wicks


Turbine/Kapohau; A New Zealand Journal of New Writing, December 2016

After Vegemite, Love 

Swamp, November 9, 2016


Dominic Bond

Fields of Belsen

Poetry Super Highway, April 6, 2013

Through A Cafe Window 

Driftwood Press, September 2015



Janey Skinner


KYSO Flash, Fall 2016


KYSO Flash, Fall 2015

Anita Haas

Lost and Found

Vox Poetica, January 2015

Lost Luggage 

Drunk Monkeys, November 28, 2014

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