Happy New Year, Friends of Digging!

Much love and thanks to our Volume Four 2017 contributors: (visual artists) C. O’Connor, Summer J. Hart, Andrew (A. J.) Weber; (poets) Paige Leland, Daniel Palevsky, Sergio A. Ortiz, Heidi Baker, Antonio Lopez, Mark Schmidt, Domenic Scopa, Linda M. Crate, Michael Salcman, Christina Kallery, Kristin Garth, Billy Malanga, and Nikol Roubidoux; (writers) Robert Kaye, Taylor Wood, Ron Riekki, Jonathan Cardew, Kris Faatz, Sean Pravica, Eileen Merriman, and Gary Singh; (essayists) Jason Arment, Jennifer Bisignano, and Chris Milam; (reviewers) Ernesto L. Abeytia, David S. Atkinson, and Pam Munter. And all our eclectic and generous 2017 Community contributors.

Ever loving gratitude to our Creative Director, Cynthia Alvarez, whose artistic eye gives our web journal its unique visual perspective, and a huge thank you to our remarkable and insightful staff readers: Ernesto L. Abeytia, David S. Atkinson, Alexis Groulx, and Karen Levy.

We are an all-volunteer staff. I appreciate the generosity and kindness gifted to Digging Through The Fat by everyone involved.

This past summer we embarked on a new adventure by launching a podcast, Digging Through with Gessy Alvarez. I recently had a great two-part conversation with poet, Roberto Carlos Garcia about his poetry collection Melancolía. I plan to feature more chats with emerging and established artists, poets, and writers throughout 2018. You can find our podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast listing websites.

Last year, we held our first public event at The Living Gallery in Bushwick, NYC. It was a bacchanalian night of poetry and art. This year, we had the pleasure to participate in The Literary Salon at The New York Society Library. We were honored to share the event with Guernica Magazine. The best part of the event was listening to three of our favorite people read their work to an enthusiastic crowd of library members and friends. Thank you Tobias Carroll, Lauren Hilger, and Bud Smith for giving stellar readings. Much love to you all.

I would also like to thank The New York Society Library’s Head Librarian, Carolyn Waters, her colleagues at the library, and Rachel Horowitz, my dear friend, for making it all happen.

The great flash fiction writer and friend, Paul Beckman, invited me to guest host the FBomb NY Reading series at KGB Bar in NYC this past summer. We had a great time hosting readers: Craig Fishbane, Roberto Carlos Garcia, Ysabel Y, Gonzalez, Tamara Hart, Rachel Horowitz, Karen Levy, Charlie Vasquez, and Aida Zilelian. Paul, you are a true gentleman and I thank you for your trust and sincerity.

This has been a difficult year. Winter has come and it’s dark and cynical. I find that I have a deeper appreciation for those who are striving to keep our culture evolving through literature and the visual arts. I encourage all to search for your guiding light. Keep it close to your hearts. I hope that with perseverance and resistance, we will come out the other side as better people.


Much respect,
Gessy Alvarez
Founder and Editor

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