2017 Editor’s Picks

We are so happy to announce our 2017 Editor’s Picks.


No. 57
Trio of Sophies by Eileen Merriman


No. 22
Burnouts by Christina Kallery


Much love and thanks to our Volume Four 2017 contributors: (visual artists) C. O’Connor, Summer J. Hart, Andrew (A. J.) Weber; (poets) Paige Leland, Daniel Palevsky, Sergio A. Ortiz, Heidi Baker, Antonio Lopez, Mark Schmidt, Domenic Scopa, Linda M. Crate, Michael Salcman, Christina Kallery, Kristin Garth, Billy Malanga, and Nikol Roubidoux; (writers) Robert Kaye, Taylor Wood, Ron Riekki, Jonathan Cardew, Kris Faatz, Sean Pravica, Eileen Merriman, and Gary Singh; (essayists) Jason Arment, Jennifer Bisignano, and Chris Milam; (reviewers) Ernesto L. Abeytia, David S. Atkinson, and Pam Munter. And all our eclectic and generous 2017 Community contributors.

Ever loving gratitude to our Creative Director, Cynthia Alvarez, whose artistic eye gives our web journal its unique visual perspective, and a huge thank you to our remarkable and insightful staff readers: Ernesto L. Abeytia, David S. Atkinson, Alexis Groulx, and Karen Levy.

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