Dolores Furtado, Artist Spotlight No. 7


Dolores Furtado (b.1977, Buenos Aires, Argentina) lives and works in New York. Her practice is based on her interest in matter, which she exposes in a raw, naked way: matter becomes body. In a wide range of formats and sizes, her sculptures highlight process, through tactile marks, scratches, and object-based prints. She thinks of her sculptures as documentations of process and action.

Recent shows include Ultimate Nature, The Clemente Soto Cultural Center, New York (2017); 4th AIM Biennial , Bronx Museum of the Arts, (2017) ; A.I.R. Gallery Biennial, A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn (2017); Epsilon, abstracciones descentradas, MACBA, Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires (2016); Governors Island Art Fair, New York (2015 and 2016); Arcos de Conexión, Museum of Contemporary Art of Bahía Blanca, Argentina ( 2014); Una persistente forma de estar en el mundo, Casa de la Cultura del Fondo Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2014); among others.


Artist’s website:
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