Faizan Adil, Artist Spotlight No. 9


My photographic expression derives the self-expression of life as a fete, chapters of isolation & hope yet poetically distressed while embracing reality. Basically, I work for myself to understand the concealed eminence of integrated nature developed by society. The gist of my photography is the interpreted philosophy of human psyche.

The philosophical appearance of images is based on the stillness and movement of misery, the recession of time, humanity & stereotypes of society. Simply, the thought of black is the darkest shade of white. My approach towards photographic tales is based on the spectrum of memories and emotions. Impending old, rust and isolation factor. A sort of sole state human can understand based on his/her frame of references. It’s a tiny glimpse constructed by emotions.

I Believe everybody needs a portion of art to escape and my work is the escape and thought which I cannot confront in the text. I use high contrast and black in my images. textures, tones & their appearance formulates the destruction and emotions which seem scattered along mental status. This is an effort to understand my complex thinking mechanism which I am sharing.

Artist’s website: http://faizanadil.com/
Instagram: @faizan_adil or https://www.instagram.com/faizan_adil/