Alexis Avlamis, Artist Spotlight No. 11


My art practice follows in the footsteps of the Surrealist’s Automatism. Through improvisation, intuition, and by tapping into a stream of consciousness, I organically construct “landscapes of the mind” aiming at a Cosmic Unity, where human, nature and the artifice co-exist symbiotically.

I explore the concept through the rendering of artworks that delve into the notion of a dreamscape in a topographic manner, leading to the creation of cosmographic maps. These mindscapes merge the outer space, fantasy literature, various vector silhouettes, flora and fauna, mythology, the east, and the west through a whimsical urge for exploration and adventure.

In addition, hiking and reading mountain maps have substantially informed my work. Drawing trails, dotted lines, zigzags, beams, and rays are recurring elements and serve as connecting bridges in my compositions.

Going on a hike, my visual perception of nature mingles with my imagination. Through these playful juxtapositions, I build and compose different groups of imagery, which in turn enrich my practice. The result is suggestive: a cluster of various microcosms inviting the viewer to explore both the parts of the whole as well as the sum of the parts.

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