Community No. 33

In this week’s community, we feature works by Dudgrick Bevins and Evelína Kolářová.


Dudgrick Bevins is an artist and educator from North Georgia. He now lives in New York City with his partner and their very grumpy hedgehog, Ezri. He teachers creative writing and literature.

Title: Baby Blankets
First Line(s):

Her body was found in the basement,
A knotted rope around her neck,
Head caved in, oozing blood
Through a soft white blanket.


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: 2017
Journal: The Write Launch –


Title: Scry
First Line(s):

I read your photographs
Like tarot cards,
Scrying as much as prying –
Evidence-based speculation –
An interrogation
Into your past.


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: March 23, 2018
Journal: Ashé Journal –


Evelína Kolářová is a young artist from the Czech Republic. Her ambition now is to become a renowned author and publish a book of poems. Although a clichè in a way, she always looks for ways to change the world – and finds that the best way to do it is with her poems.

Title: beef steak
First Line(s):

everytime you try to say those words to me I cannot help but to think
of beef steak with mashed potatoes


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: Spring 2018
Journal: Really System –


Title: CXCIV
First Line(s):

i have been thinking about this number a lot recently, i don’t know why.


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: June 4, 2018
Journal: The Gambler –


Photo Credit: © Musicman80 / Adobe Stock

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