Community No. 34

In this week’s community, we feature works by N.L.H. Hattam and Mary Bone.


N. L. H. Hattam has kept creative writing as a constant companion, both in writing and reading. N. L. H. Hattam took a circuitous route to embracing creative writing as more than a hobby, graduating from SNHU with a degree in English and Creative Writing in 2017 after stops at Hampshire College, Roehampton University, and SCSU, studying subjects ranging across Forensic Entomology, Theater, Anthropology, and Art History, among others. N. L. H. Hattam appreciates the time others take to read/enjoy the writing of any author and feels honored to be the subject of such gifted attention even if only for a brief time before the torches are lit and pitchforks sharpened.

Title: Anthropomorphized
First Line(s):

You chase me down in forests of my making,
Electric, wooden, concrete, all.
Outside the talk-talk chains and
Wolf sharp teeth born.


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: August 23, 2018
Journal: Genre Urban Arts –



Mary Bone has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of twelve. Her poems can be found at Literary Yard, Oklahoma Today Magazine, Poetry Pacific and elsewhere.

Title: Flying South For The Winter
First Line(s):

I went into an armed camp,
As I was flying south for the winter.
Feathers flew, I survived, becoming
A singed, smoked-out version of myself.


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: August 10, 2018
Journal: The New Ink Review –


Title: Leroy’s Hill
First Line(s):

It’s safe to say that not many people go to Leroy’s Hill anymore. Leroy Baron never married and died at a ripe old age of an unknown illness. The house is barely standing.


Genre: Flash Fiction
Publication Date: October 30, 2017
Journal: Spillwords –


Photo Credit: © Mari Dein / Adobe Stock