Community No. 36

In this week’s community, we feature works by David K. Slay and Evan Williams.


After retiring from full-time work as a psychologist, David K. Slay completed two years of short story writing workshops, primarily in the UCLA Writers’ Program. His first published short story appeared in the 6th annual edition of Gold Man Review, and several others are in both on-line and print journals, including most recently the Winter 2019 issue of Calliope. He is interested in stories that generate self-awareness, or reveal something true about human nature. He lives in Seal Beach, California.

Title: Living with the Animals
First Line(s):

We had moved from a small, dank apartment in the Pacific Northwest to a rather charming Spanish-style stucco in Southern California.


Genre: Fiction
Publication Date: December 2016 – Vol. 1, Issue 2
Journal: Flumes Literary Review


Title: Police Suspect Gang Involvement
First Line(s):
Soon after retiring, Russell began riding a bike to the beach in the town where he lived. The bike was a relic of his daughter’s adolescence, long ago rejected by her as hopelessly uncool and left to gather dust in the garage.


Genre: Fiction
Publication Date: January 25, 2017
Journal: Random Sample –


Evan Williams is a freshman at the University of Chicago. He is incapable of winding up a hose, and often burns himself while lighting candles.

Title: If Plates Are Shirts Are Milk Jugs
First Line(s):

then it’s dawn or dusk or
some other time of dark
and you can hear him on the stairs
in the hallway in the kitchen—


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: November 1, 2018
Journal: Rockvale Review –


Photo Credit: © Tierney / Adobe Stock