Community No. 37

In this week’s community, we feature works by Andrew Lafleche and P.E. Portal.


Andrew Lafleche is an award-winning poet and author of six books. His work uses a spoken style of language to blend social criticism, philosophical reflection, explicit prose, and black comedy. Andrew enlisted in the Army in 2007 and received an honourable discharge in 2014. He lives in a small lakefront home with his wife and two children.

Title: a red house in the trees
First Line(s):

black shingles

silver turbine that hasn’t spun
doesn’t spin
or spins very quickly
it appears to be standing still


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: June 2018
Journal: Barren Magazine –


Title: defeated
First Line(s):

fleas in a goddamn jar
jumping and hitting the lid
jumping and
hitting the lid
learning not to jump so high


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: November 2015
Journal: bywords –


P.E. Portal is an emerging writer living on the wild west coast of British Columbia, Canada. She writes about the nature of truth and the truth of nature. She is completing her first chapbook, “Paper Temples.”

Title: Salty Dreams
First Line(s):

Lurid leaves
you were pointing to
the truth,
but mother said that
like waves,
are dangerous,


Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: November 2, 2018
Journal: HeartWood –


Photo Credit: © Andrii Pokaz / Adobe Stock