Poetry No. 40 – KG Newman

A Brief History of Brokenness

The year I was born
a historic hailstorm came.
Everyone lost cars, windows.
The shards never fully swept.

In time, the suburb recovered.
Insurance copped for solar panels,
HOAs bought replacement birds.
I grew up assured of the sun

even though my closet overflowed
with raincoats. I had two Nintendos.
We weren’t rich in other ways
despite a chandelier on the porch.

Here I struggle today, still timid
under clouds, but relentless.
Carefully releasing everyone I love
into the dry, bright sky.



KG Newman is a sportswriter who covers the Colorado Rockies for The Denver Post. His first two collections of poems, While Dreaming of Diamonds in Wintertime and Selfish Never Get Their Own, are available on Amazon. The Arizona State University alum is on Twitter @KyleNewmanDP and more info and writing can be found at kgnewman.com.

© KG Newman

Photo Credit: © Uzfoto / Adobe Stock