Poetry No. 43 – Bina Ruchi Perino

Every Sunday Morning

Divinity must live within herself.  –Wallace Stevens


She didn’t plan
———on being married and quartered,
battered and bursting –

are Her palms
———close enough to the aarti light?
does She pray

on crossed legs
———for saffron nectar enough?
If She had four arms,

She’d hold each child
———from the cremating house,
she’d hold him down

until he’d wash
———Her feet with his own blood,
until he’d see

the face of Kali
———on Her ash-smeared tongue.



Bina Ruchi Perino is a University of North Texas post-baccalaureate student, seeking a Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing. Her work can be found in the North Texas Review, The Nassau Review, Sink Hollow, and more. Her flash fiction is forthcoming in Euphony Journal.

© Bina Ruchi Perino

Photo Credit: © / Adobe Stock