Poetry No. 46 – Auden Eagerton

Telling the Bees

I keep the hive you left
as a makeshift ribcage,
feed it the roots of my blanks.

I open my palms—

The rest is stomped ash in my hands
every grain smudged teeming
into the next. A smattering
gesture on an abacus.

I am chronic reenactment,
anthropologist, spooling into
honeycomb the inkblots of legends.

Plasma and smarting cedar.
A child gashed,
———–suspended aperture.

Edematous ruination.

Auden Eagerton is a non-binary poet located in Kennesaw, Georgia. They received a Bachelor of Arts in English, as well as a minor in Film Studies, at Kennesaw State University. Their interests lie heavily in studying American literature and poetry. In addition to publishing their own poetry, Eagerton aims to one day become an editor for a literary magazine and be involved in both sides of the publishing process. Their work has been featured in Exhume Literary Journal, Cathexis Northwest Press, LandLocked Magazine, Across the Margin, DASH Literary Journal, The Bookends Review, and The Orchards Poetry Journal, and is upcoming in peculiar, The Meadow, and Kudzu.

© Auden Eagerton

Photo Credit:  © Серафима Манекина / Adobe Stock