2019 Digging Press Chapbook Results

We’re so happy to announce the results for the 2019 Spring/Summer Digging Press Chapbook competition. This year’s winner is…

Ain’t Country Like You by Abigail Carl-Klassen (Poetry)

Abigail Carl-Klassen is a poet, writer, educator, translator and activist. Raised in a rural community in the Texas panhandle, she relocated to the U.S.-Mexico border where she worked for many years in El Paso in community development and public education. She has done ethnopoetic work with migrant workers, Old Colony Mennonite communities in Mexico and Texas, social workers, homeless communities, immigrant communities along the U.S.-Mexico border, and most recently, with Central American migrants and asylum seekers in Mexico.

Her work has been published in English and Spanish and has appeared in ZYZZYVA, Catapult, Guernica, Willow Springs, Cimarron Review, Aster(ix), Kweli, Matter, and Huizache, among others. She has been anthologized in IMANIMAN: Poets Writing in the Anzaldúan Borderlands (Aunt Lute) and New Border Voices (Texas University Press), among others, and is a staff writer at Poets Reading the News. She earned an MFA from the University of Texas El Paso’s Bilingual Creative Writing Program, taught at El Paso Community College and the University of Texas El Paso.

Our finalists and honorable mentions are:

Sea Glass Catastrophe by Quinn Rennerfeldt (poetry)
Kalamansi by Div S. (poetry)
Amo e Canto by JC Reilly (hybrid)
The Baklanov Equations by Fred McGavran (fiction)

Jezebel by Carol Burbank (poetry)
I drew a flag upside down on your back by Robin Gow (poetry)
Golden Years by Paul Ilechko (poetry)

Congrats to our winner, finalists, and honorable mentions!