Lillian Young, Artist Spotlight No. 20


I have always had a passion for history and incorporate it into my artwork. Growing up, my family made sure that I was well educated about the struggles, victories, and heroes in Black history. While learning those stories I realize that the history that I know is not necessarily what my peers know. Often history may seem irrelevant but has consequences in how we understand and react to current events. In highlighting these moments I work to make a connection to the social anxiety felt today from the rise in racism, loss of representation, and my own struggle of continuing to fight for equality today.

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Historical artist Lillian Young attended Texas Christian University where she received her BFA in Studio Art and an emphasis in Art Education. Lillian depicts forgotten or not well known moments from the Black experience, focusing on lesser-known black leaders, stories, events and objects that are commonly known by the black communities, but unknown by the general public. Lillian is currently attending Michigan State University for her MFA in Studio Art.

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