Digging Through No. 2

Our second reading event in The Red Room at KGB Bar on February 11, 2020 was an uproarious affair. It was a packed house and the standing room only audience was in very high spirits. The night began with a lyrical series of family poetic portraits by Rachel Horowitz, followed by a chilling and poignant story by Dororthy Barnhouse, and ending our first act was the very funny Stacey Hughes with a hilarious tale. We were treated to a wonderful musical performance by guitarist/singer/songwriter Adnan Sabir with his friend, Somers Barto accompanying him on guitar. And then an impromptu staging of two excerpts of C.S. Hanson’s plays performed by C.S herself and actor, Peter Oliver. We concluded the evening with beautiful poetry by Susan Stires. We are so grateful to have so many talented people take part in our series. It truly made the night a success. And as always, much love and thanks to Lori and KGB Bar for believing in us.

We will be hosting our next reading on Tuesday, March 10 at 7 PM.

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