We see you. We love you.

Dear Cultural Omnivores,

We support our fellow Americans who are marching against systemic racism. We are witnessing a revolution, one that needed to happen, one that is 400 years overdue. We mourn for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, and others. So many names and faces –  lives cut short, stolen from their loved ones. So many whose deaths were never known – never made public.

To the people we love, we call friends, family – we need you to speak up, show how much we love each other, how much we want future generations to live without fear of persecution, without hatred and prejudices.

Marchers, Supporters, We Rise Up with You. We will not be silent. We pledge to support this revolution and promote artistic work that inspires progress and change.

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, with organizations dedicated to supporting opportunities for underrepresented communities. We stand with decency, humanity, equality, respect – values that support the unity of this nation.


We are committed to engaging productively by providing a public platform virtually as well as through printed media. We are working towards creating new artistic projects focused on supporting revolutionary voices. The proceeds for the first of these projects will be donated to Black Lives Matter and the Minnesota Freedom Fund. We will make a formal announcement of our upcoming project in our June newsletter.

We hope you will help us sustain and support organizations dedicated to making our country the great democracy it is meant to be. A better place from the one we grew up in – a better place for our children and for all future generations. We will post a listing of organizations that need your support on our website shortly.

We see you. We love you. We are incredibly grateful that so many of you are on the streets, making sure all our voices are heard, visible.

Please take care. WE NEED YOU.

Much respect,

Gessy Alvarez
Digging Press LLC