Poetry No. 60 – Kora Schultz

about a miscarriage, planned

I want all your pieces
bar the one you left here –
again, I gulp a little death
with oat milk, thick.

dried parsley,
vitamin c,
& chamomile tea.

Its mom’s grocery list.
Its a junk drawer.

what I’m trying to say is
this is easy.
what I’m mean is, I sleep
through all the trauma.

I dream of mulberries,


Kora Schultz is a queer Wisconsin-based poet and writing student. By day, they work with folks experiencing homelessness and mental health crises. Their work has appeared in Mineral Magazine and is forthcoming in The Hellebore, Goat’s Milk, and Blisters. You can find them on Instagram and Twitter at @oatmilkmom.

© Kora Schultz

Photo Credit:  © chungking / Adobe Stock