Keri Kimura, Artist Spotlight No. 30


I moved to an island in Maine five years ago. The winter is quiet here and the landscape is large, made up of grey ocean, granite mountains, and a wide sky. Around the time of the move, I began playing with pieces of fabric and an old sewing machine. I have memories of my mother and grandmother making quilts when I was small and I wanted to tap into that history of handwork. These paintings came out of both those things. The landscape here, the serenity and strangeness and patterns and magic of the natural world. And also playing with textiles and layering things and weavings and the way things are intertwined. These are paintings about connectedness and exploration and mysteries and trees.

Works by © Keri Kimura

Keri Kimura creates colorful and chaotic paintings that shift between landscape and abstraction. She studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art and the New York Studio School. Her work has recently been exhibited at The Painting Center, New York, NY (2019); The Golden Foundation for the Arts, New Berlin, NY (2020); and Nahcotta Gallery, Portsmouth, NH (2020). Kimura moved to Southwest Harbor, Maine in 2015 where she lives and works.

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