June Lin, Artist Spotlight No. 32


The submitted pieces are part of a nine-piece collection called ‘Our World,’ where each piece presents a metaphor inspired by the 2020 quarantine. Their surreal imagery may allude to heavy grief, unyielding desperation, social outcasts, or to those who have suddenly realized that they’ve lost their way (to name a few). These narratives are familiar to each of us. We have experienced them at one point in our lives, even if only from afar or for just a short moment. Although these paintings seem to take place in another universe, the stories behind their surreal absurdity only serve to highlight the unchanging truths of what it means to live in our world.

Works by © June Lin

June Lin is a second-year undergraduate architecture student at the University of Pennsylvania. Painting, photography, and digital design are her main interests in the field of visual arts.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/its.junesworld/ or @its.junesworld

Artist’s Website: tinyurl.com/junesworld