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Community No. 65

In today’s Community, we are honored to re-introduce prose and poetry by Andrew Rihn, Ben Umayam, and Chris Vola.

The Pugilist #15: Rocky and Catholic Meatmaking

“I’ve seen the movie Rocky, I don’t know, like a hundred times. (OK not really, but still a lot.) Despite the repeated viewings, there are two scenes I always misremember…”

Into the Void
November 15, 2020


The Pugilist #18: F.X. Toole’s Million Dollar Baby

“The movie Million Dollar Baby was the surprise hit of 2004. Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood, and Morgan Freeman, it was nominated for seven Academy awards, winning four (Best Picture, Director, Actress, and Supporting Actor) and nabbing a prestigious César award in France…”

Into the Void
February 15, 2021

Ben Umayam

Hairy Monster

““You very handsome now. You look very cool. You look 26, not 62!” Cheryl laughed her low, deep laugh. If Cher had a Malaysian counterpart, she would sound like Cheryl…”

Maudlin House
May 4, 2020


Deliver Me With Cornmeal

View pdf here.

Anak Sastra
November 2020



Issue available for purchase here.

34th Parallel
October 15, 2020

Impractical Taxidermy

“your mimosa breath stinks worse
than a slow damp murder
worse than the tipsy gardening enthusiast
in the outdoor seating area..”

New Pop Lit
September 7, 2020


Meme Lord

“give us a like dear 
the body gets no rest 
behind this swelling glass abscess 
and next week’s podcast 
the one you blocked 
because something else…”

Horror Sleaze Trash
August 14, 2020


Morningside Heights / Told Me to Take a Picture of It

“Laughing, we call a bodega beer
against your throat 
a headstone’s promise…”

Anti-Heroin Chic
August 7, 2020

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