Matina Vossou, Artist Spotlight No. 39


I believe that every face is a journey. Probably looking at faces is going to be our longest trip.

Every color is an emotion. What we feel is the only present we know; by this, we define our lives.

Every one of us is a perfectly unfinished mosaic of emotions and ideas.

Works by © Matina Vossou. (Click any image to view the slideshow.)

This colorful and cracked skin represents the frontier and the barrier between our personal universe and the myriads of universes of the others. We are all connected together through our hearts and minds like an orchestra; each instrument has its own sound, and all are essential, whether they sound harmonically or off-key.

These fragmented colors stand for our emotions and our ideas, a non-verbal language self-appearing on our surface. We can change the intensity or the hues of our colors according to each circumstance; a prismatic tapestry that withers or fades away but can be healed and rejuvenated from inside.

Somehow in my mind the concept of “skin” irrevocably amalgamated with the concept of “glass”. We are born with a transparent but full of cracks glass skin; light and darkness co-exist under that epidermis which also reflects like a mirror the ever changing flesh mosaics of the people around us.

Matina Vossou is a self-taught artist living in Athens, Greece. She uses acrylics and a toothpick, a technique she learned from her father, a naïve painter. She paints faces like perfectly unfinished mosaics of emotions and ideas. The skin is cracked and seemingly illuminated from the inside.

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