Digging Press LLC is an independent publisher. We publish Digging Through The Fat: A Journal for Cultural Omnivores, a chapbook series, and biennial poetry series. We also produce a podcast and host a reading series. As an organization for cultural omnivores, we aim to nurture experimentation and cultural inclusion, and promote the importance of eclecticism in the literary and visual arts.

Founding editor Gessy Alvarez began Digging Through The Fat | ripping out the heart as a literary call to action in 2013. Initially a literary blog, Digging Through The Fat has grown as a literary and arts internet platform regularly publishing fiction, poetry, nonfiction, hybrid, and artists spotlights since 2014. Over the years, the journal has made vital connections with a diverse, artistic community of cross-genre writers and multidisciplinary artists from around the world and has sponsored several events throughout the New York City metro area.

In 2018, Digging Press LLC was established as the independent print publishing arm of the organization and a chapbook series award was introduced. All of Digging’s print publications are designed in-house by our creative director, Cynthia Alvarez and feature original artwork.

What we want from literature is truth, beauty, and humanity, but artists must dig through the fat to get to these ideals. We are a literary website committed to promoting the work of writers, poets, and publishers. Our world is bloated with distractions. Meaning has become a malleable commodity. We are Romantics and believe Art, in all its forms, is the exception..

We publish works that are inventively personal and richly imagined. Our contributors come from different backgrounds. Some are established, others emerging. We mean it when we say: We like experiments and failures.

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Watch an interview with our editor here: https://youtu.be/7vVOnzohI5c