About Digging Press

Digging Press, LLC is an independent publisher. We publish the literary and arts journal, Digging Through The Fat, and a chapbook series. We also produce the podcast, Digging Through with Gessy Alvarez.  As an organization, we aim to fire up the fun in the literary and visual arts. We like experiments and even failures. We relish in the avant-garde. We encourage taking creative risks and redefining our cultural narrative.

We began in 2013 as the webzine, Digging Through The Fat | ripping out the heart, a call for literary action. What we wanted from literature was truth, beauty, and humanity, but we understood that artists have to dig deep and rip out the heart to show these ideals. Our world then and now is  bloated with distractions. Meaning has become a malleable commodity. We are Romantics and believe Expression, in all its forms, is the exception.


Gessy Alvarez
Publisher and Chapbook Series Editor

Cynthia Alvarez
Book Layout Designer
Cover Artist



Gessy Alvarez

Cynthia Alvarez
Creative Director

Prose Assistant Editors
David S. Atkinson, Alexis Groulx, and Karen Levy

Poetry Assistant Editors
Ernesto L. Abeytia, Lindsay Costello, and Tova Kranz

Staff Readers


Web Journal Past Guest Editors

Roberto Carlos Garcia
2016 Poetry

Dickson Lam
2016 Fiction

Michelle Peñaloza
2015 Poetry