Excerpt No. 5 – Annie Wood

Just a Girl in the Whirl
by Annie Wood
Lauren is counting down the days until her eighteenth birthday. For the last two years, she has been thrust into the role of primary caregiver to her two younger sisters and her mother after the sudden departure of her father. Addressing everyone else’s needs before her own, the real Lauren is relegated to dreams and middle-of-the-night writing sessions in the privacy of her bathtub. When her father makes an unexpected return into their lives, Lauren’s carefully kept façade begins to unravel, and she must re-establish her precarious balance in order to keep herself afloat. Continue reading Excerpt No. 5 – Annie Wood

Excerpt No. 4 – Christopher Bowen

Book Excerpt  When I Return to You, I Will Be Unfed by Christopher Bowen Gary jumps up and down as we cross paths for the first time down the hall clasping his hands together in exasperation and reaching his right one out to shake mine. I reach out and he vigorously shakes it. He is excited to meet me. I say hello and give him … Continue reading Excerpt No. 4 – Christopher Bowen

Excerpt No. 3 – Tony Press

Book Excerpt A Gentle Rage by Tony Press I’ve lived in this house 45 years. I’m 91. You do the math. Yesterday I went to see the house and neighborhood of my youth – not my thirties, but my childhood. That was a long time ago. Yesterday is already pretty far back, too. I almost wrote “yesterday I drove to see the house” but that, … Continue reading Excerpt No. 3 – Tony Press

Excerpt No. 2 – Jules Archer

Book Excerpt Backseat Blues by Jules Archer It’s mama’s car. A big boatload of a machine, the ’65 Chevy Impala is. The only thing she ever bought with her own money until daddy got hold of her. Mama always drives. Daddy always gets the passenger seat. And when daddy goes away I keep taking the backseat. Mama loves daddy more than me. But I don’t … Continue reading Excerpt No. 2 – Jules Archer

Excerpt No. 1 – Mandy-Suzanne Wong

Book Excerpt Drafts of a Suicide Note by Mandy-Suzanne Wong I wonder what to call you. You spirit, you disembodied creature, you dear, sweet, tantalizing phantom. You’re not just whatever designated word, whatever fleshless prefab vision is bound to fail you, even though all words are as enthralling and slippery as specters. As for me, everything in me amounts to the great void of the … Continue reading Excerpt No. 1 – Mandy-Suzanne Wong