Digging Press Chapbook Series

Twice a year Digging Press, LLC runs the Digging Press Chapbook Series Competition for a fiction, poetry, or hybrid chapbook between 16 – 36 pages. We are passionate about presenting a unique book design and offering editorial support. We aim to produce beautiful and artistic books. Selected manuscripts have a small print-run (100 – 120 copies), and authors receive 20 copies plus $100 $250 payment. Authors retain all rights to the text material within the author’s chapbook.

Past Winner:

2018: Mandy-Suzanne Wong

Spring Entry Period: April 1 – June 15
Fall Entry Period: September 1 – October 31

Submission fee is $10*.


Digging Press, LLC is an independent publisher. We publish the literary and arts journal, Digging Through The Fat, and a chapbook series. As a micro-press and journal for cultural omnivores, we aim to nurture experimentation in the arts and encourage broad-mindedness and cultural inclusion. Read our interview at Six Questions to learn more about who we are.

For our chapbook series, please submit a manuscript between 16 and 36 pages. Please read the following carefully:

  • Respect our blind submission policy. Your 16 to 36-page manuscript must be free of any identity-revealing information, including in the name of your file or in the “title” field in Submittable. Submissions that do not respect this policy will be automatically declined.
  • You are welcome to include a brief bio or something about yourself in your cover note on Submittable, which will only be made accessible to the editorial panel after the group of Semi-Finalist and Finalist manuscripts has been chosen.
  • Include the following in your upload document: a description or synopsis of your work, title page, table of contents, if appropriate, an acknowledgments page. (If the manuscript contains individual stories or poems that have been previously published online or in print, note previously published work on the acknowledgments page.)
  • Please use a readable font in 12-point. Times New Roman or its equivalent is recommended. Manuscripts should be paginated (and double-spaced for fiction), not including front and back matter (table of contents, title page, etc.).
  • The manuscript must be previously unpublished as a collection (including publication with a press, self-publication, online/digital publication, and publication in a small, limited-edition print run).
  • Simultaneous submissions are acceptable and encouraged, but please notify us by withdrawing your manuscript on Submittable immediately if it is accepted for publication elsewhere.
  • Multiple submissions within the same file upload are not permitted.
  • Collaborative collections are welcome.
  • Hybrid/multi-genre submissions are also welcome.
  • We cannot accept translations.



SPRING: The selected chapbook for the spring series is announced around the end of August or mid-September each year.

FALL: The selected chapbook for the spring series is announced around the end of January each year.


Accepted works will be promoted in our online journal, and at our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts.

With permission from our contributors, we may include accepted works in promotional material for Digging Through The Fat and Digging Press, LLC.

We rely on donations and individual purchases to support our mission.  We appreciate any support you can give.

— Digging Press Team

*Please note that submission fees allow us to offer a $250 honorarium plus 20 copies of the chapbook to our winner. The fees also offset the cost of publishing and promoting the winning chapbook. Please know that 100% of your fee will go toward supporting the publication of an excellent chapbook and to supporting Digging Press’ mission to promote authors and artists whose works entertain, enrich, and make us think. All submissions are read, reviewed, and considered by Gessy Alvarez, editor of the Digging Press Chapbook series.


6 thoughts on “Digging Press Chapbook Series

  1. To the Editors–
    For your chapbook call, how many copies are in a “small print run”?

  2. Is it possible for me to include color images? Also for the formatting is to be preserved, only pdf works for Pages. Can I send the manuscript through the second door you have set up. I see you accept pdf there. Thanks. Sorry to be a bother.

    1. I recommend submitting text only. If the images are essential to your project you can include pages with short descriptions of images. If your manuscript makes it to the finals, we will be in touch and request your full pdf to review.

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