Editorial Policy

We like experiments and even failures. We relish in the avant-garde. We want to encourage risks and redefine narrative. We are not afraid to publish the cruel, harsh, and ugly. We love to laugh and bask in the unexpected joy of reading a well-developed, complex piece of literature. That said, don’t try to Wow us. Show us your awesomeness.

Our editor-in-chief (EIC) reviews all submissions and forwards selections to the assistant editors and readers. The assistant editors and readers review these selections, judge the works’ readiness for publication, and report back to the EIC. The EIC may ask assistant editors for more feedback and/or editorial suggestions. Assistant editors and readers will only be in direct communication with EIC. EIC makes all final decisions regarding publication.

We shall do our best to respond within three months, but in some cases, this period may be longer. If you have not received a response from us within 120 days, please send an email inquiry to editor@diggingpress.com. Please do not contact our editors or staff readers directly about the status of your submission.

Upon acceptance, artists and authors are asked to complete a publication agreement prior to publication on DiggingPress.com. All rights revert to the artist/author upon publication. The length of time between acceptance and publication can be four to six months.

We welcome submissions from ALL. We especially want to encourage more submissions from women and non-binary writers, writers of color, and the LGBTQIA community. Help Digging Through The Fat’s community grow in diversity and beauty!

Email submissions are not acceptable. Please use our Submittable link below and read our guidelines carefully.


Special note from our Editor-in-chief:

We publish one writer, poet, or artist once a week throughout the year. Here’s a sample publication schedule:

Spring/Summer – Poetry
Fall/Winter – Artist Spotlight
Winter/Spring – Fiction
December/January – Community

Given our weekly format, we only accept a small percentage of the submissions received. For the selected poet, writer, or artist the reward is one full week of exposure on our website. We recommend contributors take advantage of this week to promote work on their social media accounts. We will promote all publications on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We also feature publications in our monthly newsletter.

Please do not assume that a decline from us means your work is not valid in any way. We simply are unable to accommodate everyone. Although we are honored to feature a poet, writer, artist for a week, our decisions are bittersweet. We have to decline a great number of good folks in order to give a few more time to gain a larger audience.

With love and respect,

Gessy Alvarez