Submitting Books for Review

General Submission

We prefer to review books that have been released in the past 24 months. You can send one copy to the office, and we will try and have it reviewed. We are unable to make decisions on reviewing books from email solicitations. Books sent to Digging Through The Fat cannot be returned. Please note that if we receive an ARC rather than a final copy it may be noted in the review. Completed reviews will appear on our website. We do not guarantee that all books received will be reviewed.

Publishers and Writers: Please mail one copy to the address below for consideration. Our process is that we issue an available book list to our pool of reviewers for them to select. We do not assign books. We do not charge for these reviews. Reviews are the opinion of the independent reviewer only and do not reflect the general opinion of Digging Through The Fat.

ebooks: We do accept ebooks for review. However, please be aware that many of our reviewers prefer to review a hard copy. We can accept a PDF or Word document format. Email your manuscript to

Digging Through The Fat Press, LLC
130 W Pleasant Avenue
Suite 307
Maywood, NJ 07607

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