Poetry No. 47 – rhea moon

delicate you brush with one tender finger under your earlobe the very spot just three evenings prior i watched in earnest a trembling sentry sat behind you in church the vulnerable flesh poised to meet the prospect of my lips and i could’ve just swept that spot gentler than a feather duster bumping everything on the way down or so i thought it might be … Continue reading Poetry No. 47 – rhea moon

Poetry No. 46 – Auden Eagerton

Telling the Bees I keep the hive you left as a makeshift ribcage, feed it the roots of my blanks. I open my palms— ———————scraps. The rest is stomped ash in my hands every grain smudged teeming into the next. A smattering gesture on an abacus. I am chronic reenactment, anthropologist, spooling into honeycomb the inkblots of legends. Plasma and smarting cedar. A child gashed, … Continue reading Poetry No. 46 – Auden Eagerton

Poetry No. 45 – Stephanie R. Nahhas

Gutters of February When my aunt got sick, I didn’t understand how a brain could eat itself away, how can a brain eat itself, like coils of a serpent eating its own tail, that relentless self-destruction. It’s not easy turning ash into ember, not easy to undo what has been done. If it’s beautiful and glows red and orange, it still burns itself into dust. … Continue reading Poetry No. 45 – Stephanie R. Nahhas

Poetry No. 44 – Katherine Lutz

A la criolla puertoriqueña The water lays flat like A plate of glass ready To rise up and stand Between the sun and me. The sand is a fine, White powder dappling My feet as I walk Across the sandbar like A water bug. On the island of Vieques Where a bomb dropped from the sky And created beaches like the Plains— A flat, people-less … Continue reading Poetry No. 44 – Katherine Lutz

Poetry No. 43 – Bina Ruchi Perino

Every Sunday Morning Divinity must live within herself.  –Wallace Stevens   She didn’t plan ———on being married and quartered, battered and bursting – are Her palms ———close enough to the aarti light? does She pray on crossed legs ———for saffron nectar enough? If She had four arms, She’d hold each child ———from the cremating house, she’d hold him down until he’d wash ———Her feet with … Continue reading Poetry No. 43 – Bina Ruchi Perino

Poetry No. 42 – Lorraine Henrie Lins

The Last Time I Heard From Her She’d written me on the backside label from a can of Libby’s corn kernels to tell me that she was doing well and thought I’d love the idea of getting corn-label greetings instead of the forty-seven cent postcard she bought her mom. Some nights, when I miss her most, I’ll unfold the label, watch the way her hand … Continue reading Poetry No. 42 – Lorraine Henrie Lins

Poetry No. 41 – Gabrielle Peterson

what was meant by woem written in pencil on the subway window. the faint urgency, or else he/she (she) (he) would have waited for a pen; graphite’s small struggle against the synthetic sill. still, what is “woem?” woman? womb…poem? the space between apples. the sound a belly makes when it has nothing. the drunken or sleep laden conviction to say something, but say it wrong. … Continue reading Poetry No. 41 – Gabrielle Peterson

Calls for Submissions – Chapbook and Artist Spotlight

The Digging Press Chapbook Series Competition Deadline June 15 Submit fiction, poetry, or hybrid chapbooks between 16 – 36 pages. Selected manuscripts have a small print-run (100 – 120 copies), and authors receive 20 copies plus $250 payment. Reading fee: $10.     Artist Spotlight Call for Submissions Ends July 15 Submit a link to your Instagram and/or website artist portfolio. Include a short bio, artist statement, … Continue reading Calls for Submissions – Chapbook and Artist Spotlight

Poetry No. 40 – KG Newman

A Brief History of Brokenness The year I was born a historic hailstorm came. Everyone lost cars, windows. The shards never fully swept. In time, the suburb recovered. Insurance copped for solar panels, HOAs bought replacement birds. I grew up assured of the sun even though my closet overflowed with raincoats. I had two Nintendos. We weren’t rich in other ways despite a chandelier on … Continue reading Poetry No. 40 – KG Newman

Poetry No. 39 – Morgan Peacock

it’s keeping me up at night   Morgan Peacock is a poet, visual artist, and translator whose poetry has appeared in the Columbia Poetry Review, Second Draft Press, and the Plum Creek Review, among others, as well as in a self-published chapbook. She received her MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. © Morgan Peacock Photo Credit: © munandme / Adobe Stock Continue reading Poetry No. 39 – Morgan Peacock

Poetry No. 38 – Alex Wells Shapiro

Grappling for EJ the shared gaze had always been falling on avatars, – but we are young and naked because guys get changed together. – so, unleashed, following eyes, limbs forming fluid knots sliding through our own creases, – long and smooth like Medusa’s dancing hairs – giggling into submissive, one had to finish atop, and as if remote controlled, with a chin sitting where … Continue reading Poetry No. 38 – Alex Wells Shapiro

Poetry No. 37 – Thea Matthews

MARIGOLD | Tagetes erecta       – Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Thea Matthews earned her BA in Sociology at UC Berkeley where she studied and taught June Jordan’s Poetry for the People. She has delivered her poetry at various literary settings, some of which include Litquake, San Francisco’s Lit Crawl, the National Queer Arts Festival, and the Berkeley Poetry Festival. She … Continue reading Poetry No. 37 – Thea Matthews

Poetry No. 36 – David Midkiff

Footnotes                   David Midkiff is a Pacific Northwest U.S. born poet and educator currently living in London. He writes to create a space for himself in the world. His work has previously been featured in “Window Cat” by bighugpublishing, “Resistentialism” by Poetastard Press, and the Barely South Review. In 2016, he released a self-published chapbook entitled “EdotGdot”. … Continue reading Poetry No. 36 – David Midkiff

Poetry No. 35 – Bryan D. Price

My animals are out We went to buy an angle grinder, the wheel as light as a cat’s paw. She wants to translate a chair. Give it a brand new life. Later that night— listening to the White Album in its entirety. Mixing wine with water like in the age of Cupid and Psyche. Like responsible humans not yet addicted to pain and its appetites. … Continue reading Poetry No. 35 – Bryan D. Price

Poetry No. 34 – Nolan Meditz

Montauk by Sunrise I venture the thoughts of these men who outpaced the sun to the shoreline, who weather the salt spray and uneasy perches upon the rocks that abut their island and cast their nets into receding dark. They trace a hymn in horizon fire to the pulse of the world they love and keep trying to haul up closer themselves knowing so much … Continue reading Poetry No. 34 – Nolan Meditz

New Book, Chapbook Call for Submission, and More

Last year, we launched our inaugural call for submissions for the Digging Press Chapbook Series. We were overwhelmed by the response the call garnered. Over 250 submissions were entered. We chose one winner, four finalists, and 15 semi-finalists. When we announced Awabi by Mandy-Suzanne Wong as the winner in September 2018, we set a tight production schedule. Our goal was to debut the winning chapbook … Continue reading New Book, Chapbook Call for Submission, and More