Excerpt No. 4 – Christopher Bowen

Book Excerpt  When I Return to You, I Will Be Unfed by Christopher Bowen Gary jumps up and down as we cross paths for the first time down the hall clasping his hands together in exasperation and reaching his right one out to shake mine. I reach out and he vigorously shakes it. He is excited to meet me. I say hello and give him … Continue reading Excerpt No. 4 – Christopher Bowen

Community No. 42

CHRISTOPHER BOWEN Christopher Bowen is the author of the chapbook, We Were Giants; the novella, When I Return to You, I Will Be Unfed; and the non-fiction, Debt. He blogs from Burning River and has traveled throughout the U.S. You can learn more about Christopher’s work at buriningriver.info. Title: The Farmers of Shangri-La First Line(s): We are farmers. We are grown from a blackest dirt … Continue reading Community No. 42