At the Colony: Day 25 and a Fond Farewell

Day 25: We had our last group event today, a tour of the Millay estate. We learned that Vincent (Edna St. Vincent Millay) had rules. If you wandered into the pool area, you best be nude. No exceptions. She also moved her husband to his own suite of room to accommodate her lover in her bedroom. Oh Vincent, you were a complicated woman! Her husband, Eugen, addicted … Continue reading At the Colony: Day 25 and a Fond Farewell

At the Colony – Day 3

Day 3:  I spent most of the day by myself. Made an omelette and coffee, and ate my breakfast at the main house. Back in my studio, I continued to read McCarthy’s The Road. I listened to music and spaced out. I stared at the first six chapters of the novel. The pattern was circular. Four short, first-person POV, flash pieces and two longer pieces. … Continue reading At the Colony – Day 3