Stories No. 87 – T. B. Grennan

orange and gray tunnel painting

And then, slow as you like, Fernando reaches back and peels his cheeks apart. Staring over one shoulder, his lips wet from kissing, his hair still perfect despite all that rolling around.

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Stories No. 84 – C. Adán Cabrera

cups of delicious latte with ornament in cafeteria

Reaching Back by C. Adán Cabrera Lorenzo Rivas stirred a seventh packet of sugar into his coffee. He wondered how much of his twelve-minute break he’d spent staring at the barista’s arm. Or, rather, the lack of it. Even now, while Lorenzo emptied the stainless-steel pitcher of creamer into his cup, the sweet concoction rising precariously […]

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Flash No. 16 – Taylor V. Card

abstract painting

Her Immortal By Taylor V. Card One day (which we must all understand to mean many years ago now) a girl in her mother’s kitchen cuts a lock of her shiny hair, sets it in resin, and promises to live forever. When she is ninety-three and dying, she calls grey loved ones into the room […]

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Flash No. 15 – Peter Gregg Slater

assorted map pieces

A Tale of Two Maps By Peter Gregg Slater Knowing how I love maps, the owner of a bookstore in Washington, D.C. brought out two for me to look over during a 2019 visit. The first, a world map from 1578, displayed the surrealistic continents and islands characteristic of the period’s cartography. Tiny ships bravely […]

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Flash No. 14 – Katie Mauro Zeigler

abstract art blur bright

By Katie Mauro Zeigler

If I could talk, I would tell you that I used to have sex with the windows open and the moonlight and a man’s hands at the small of my back.  I would tell you how it felt to bring a baby into the world and how my first period came at twelve.

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Flash No. 13 – Peter F. Crowley

Fomorians By Peter F. Crowley   You’re a piss reminder of an everlasting hotel. She spoke in a fiery tone. The man waddled side-to-side and began patting a penguin. He glanced to a chalkboard behind the penguin, where were written the words: We’ve broken glass, crushed marigold eyes, dethroned coughing cathedrals, driven Zambonis over subterranean […]

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