Poetry No. 42 – Lorraine Henrie Lins

The Last Time I Heard From Her She’d written me on the backside label from a can of Libby’s corn kernels to tell me that she was doing well and thought I’d love the idea of getting corn-label greetings instead of the forty-seven cent postcard she bought her mom. Some nights, when I miss her most, I’ll unfold the label, watch the way her hand … Continue reading Poetry No. 42 – Lorraine Henrie Lins

Poetry No. 41 – Gabrielle Peterson

what was meant by woem written in pencil on the subway window. the faint urgency, or else he/she (she) (he) would have waited for a pen; graphite’s small struggle against the synthetic sill. still, what is “woem?” woman? womb…poem? the space between apples. the sound a belly makes when it has nothing. the drunken or sleep laden conviction to say something, but say it wrong. … Continue reading Poetry No. 41 – Gabrielle Peterson

Poetry No. 40 – KG Newman

A Brief History of Brokenness The year I was born a historic hailstorm came. Everyone lost cars, windows. The shards never fully swept. In time, the suburb recovered. Insurance copped for solar panels, HOAs bought replacement birds. I grew up assured of the sun even though my closet overflowed with raincoats. I had two Nintendos. We weren’t rich in other ways despite a chandelier on … Continue reading Poetry No. 40 – KG Newman

Poetry No. 39 – Morgan Peacock

it’s keeping me up at night   Morgan Peacock is a poet, visual artist, and translator whose poetry has appeared in the Columbia Poetry Review, Second Draft Press, and the Plum Creek Review, among others, as well as in a self-published chapbook. She received her MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago. © Morgan Peacock Photo Credit: © munandme / Adobe Stock Continue reading Poetry No. 39 – Morgan Peacock